This little one's name is Kennedy. He's always been prone to sickness having contracted TB at a young age. However, things have recently taken a drastic turn. On top of his TB, he is suffering from symptoms that seem to point to COPD, a lung disorder which, if left untreated, causes irreparable damage. A lot of this damage may have already occurred. He has seen several doctors now, and each of them have given disheartening reports, saying things such as, "This boy will unfortunately not be growing into an old man."

We're asking for your help to prove these doctors wrong. We are attempting to work with the best physicians available, trained in Western medicine in Uganda, even looking into possibilities of having him flown to the U.S. or Australia for further treatment, but to do so increases our medical expenses immensely.

Kennedy is one of the first children we met when traveling to Uganda for the first time. We watched this child go from being the saddest looking child we had ever met to joyful and laughing. His smile and laughter have completely stolen our hearts. We're not sure what we would do if things continued south, and we lost him. Will you please consider contributing to help save a child's life? This is literally life and death.

If you're the praying type, we ask that you pray. Or simply send your positive thoughts and energy. If you have doctor friends with connections at hospitals, ask around to see if there are any possibilities for aid. If you are simply a Facebook user all it takes is pushing the share button and allowing others to have a chance to help.

Additionally, we have set up this page specifically to designate funds for Kennedy and to help him in his recovery. If you feel led would you give? No gift is too small. No gift is too large. Consider what you would give if it were your own child and act accordingly.

With love and eternal gratitude.

Chris & Courtney Skiera-Vaughn